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 Are you utterly sick of all the touchy-feely sociable stuff in the internet? Well, relief is at hand for all you socially inept technical people who don’t really care what Fred did at the last drunken debauch (sorry, “conference”). So welcome to a new column dedicated to the tech heads which will hopefully become a monthly rant – I mean, informative column.

 I, David Kent have been in engineering since we did the design of an ark for some guy called Noah and his three sons. Come to think of it, he never did pay the invoice – claimed some “act of God” out-clause in the contract. I have had a varied career in many fields of civil engineering before blundering my way into Water Infrastructure. I know a fair bit about pumps, pipes, open channel hydraulics and even structures.

Anyway, drop me an email if there is anything you want featured in this column. If I don’t get any requests, then the first will be on one of my favourite topics, mounting pumps (stop sniggering, you dirty-minded little schoolkids ).

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